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    By John Grange On February 19, 2021

    State of Cloud Security 2021

    Cloud adoption was already well underway prior to COVID-19 but the pandemic accelerated adoption faster than anyone could have...

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    Cloud adoption has led to a major shift in application security management. Unlike on-premises where the focus is more on...

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    By OpsCompass Staff On January 26, 2021

    Why Free, Why Now?


    Top 3 Ways to Protect Your Cloud Against Inside Threats

    Just as the SolarWinds hack is consuming the attention of the...

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    By John Grange On December 15, 2020

    2020 and the Cloud Year Ahead

    December is usually filled with blogs and articles predicting the year ahead. Looking back at this time last year, it’s highly...

    Tags: Banking & Insurance

    How to equip your banking or insurance cloud to support mobile computing

    These days, the app is king. What grew from a mobile...

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    OpsCompass Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework Solution Now Available in the Azure Marketplace 

    We are pleased to announce our...

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    Gain Visibility and Governance Over Your Configuration Drift

    Last week, I was excited to join other industry leaders as part...

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    Key Considerations for Successfully Adopting Multi-Cloud

    I recently authored a presentation on adopting multi-cloud, and...

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    True Insight into Your Security Posture and Drift is Key to Zero-Trust

    In the cloud everything is configurable software. This...

    Tags: Cloud Security Posture Management, Cloud Security, Compliance Drift

    Identifying and Managing Drift is Vital to Your Organization's Success

    What is Configuration DriftOrganizations have been...

    Tags: Security & Compliance, Cloud Security Posture Management, Cloud Best Practices,

    How Configuration Drift Management Tools Have Evolved Over Time

    For as long as developers have been writing software, they...

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    Use the Cyber Defense Matrix as a Tool to Organize Security Controls Data 

    The OWASP® Foundation works to improve the security...

    Tags: Cloud Security Posture Management, Cloud Security

    Tools and Technologies Fueling the Cloud Evolution 

    This week we recorded the part two of our webcast series called ...

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