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Download the 2021 State of CSPM report to learn:

     OPS_LOGO_Graphic_Standard How multi- and hybrid cloud infrastructure creates security challenges 

     OPS_LOGO_Graphic_Standard Why most have experienced a cloud security breach despite high confidence in security posture

     OPS_LOGO_Graphic_Standard How teams are planning to improve security proactiveness in 2021

     OPS_LOGO_Graphic_Standard What steps teams are taking to implement CSPM 

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"Operations teams are managing increasingly complex cloud infrastructure and are hyper-concerned about misconfigurations and configuration drift resulting in security gaps and potential breaches. Our goal with this report is to assess what teams are experiencing today, understand their concerns, and drive conversations to improve cloud security.” 

~John Grange, CTO, and co-founder of OpsCompass. 

About the Report 

Conducted in early 2021, OpsCompass surveyed 253 full-time, US-based, IT professionals who develop, and either deploy or manage Enterprise cloud applications or infrastructure. 

Top of mind for IT professionals are security gaps caused by infrastructure complexity, visibility, misconfigurations, and configuration drift. 

It’s no surprise that almost a third of respondents said they need better visibility and compliance management and are interested in either switching CSPMs or adopting them for the first time. Are you one of them?