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Real-Time Insights at Your Fingertips

Our SaaS solution provides a single dashboard with real-time and action-oriented insights across compliance, security, and cost management. It’s simple to deploy, intuitive to use, and as flexible as the cloud itself. Best of all, our software makes it easy to fold cloud operations into your existing processes with your existing personnel.

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Improve Your Company Compliance Score

As soon as you sign into OpsCompass your cloud environment is scanned, evaluated, and a "Company Compliance Score" is produced. This overall score is based on what resources are in and out of compliance according to which frameworks they pertain to. 

The Right Information to the Right People

Delivered through a single, always-on dashboard, OpsCompass gives your existing team the real-time insights they need to maintain a more secure, more compliant, and more affordable multi-cloud environment.

OpsCompass monitors every event happening inside your cloud environment, everything your company and your team are alerting to, and the change that occurs over a period of time 

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Impacts and Teams

Inside OpsCompass you only sees the alerts that impact your assigned business function without slowing you or your team down. Increased visiblity into what's happening in your cloud, through our always-on dashboard, allows real-time and actionable insight into what to do next without slowing your team down.

Real-Time Costing Alert

OpsCompass takes a high-fidelity snapshot of your environment when you sign up to give you a complete picture of your environment at every moment.

With our real-time alerting you can safely take advantage of the cloud's flexibility and agility. Inside each alert, you'll see what happened, who's Team it impacted, and who made the change.

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