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    Executing an Actionable Cloud Technology Strategy

    When it comes to the increasing demand for IT Operations solutions that...

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    Security Controls and Benchmarks Help Facilitate Governance

    In a conversation about cyber security or cyber defense, you might...

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    Since the advent of cloud computing, there have been three almost universally agreed upon cloud service models:...

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    What is the AWS Cloud Adopti­on Framework and Readiness Tool?

    The AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (AWS CAF) was created based on...

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    Cloud Compliance is Dependent on People and Technology 

    Regulatory standards abound in the cloud. Healthcare has HIPAA, the...

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    Cloud Security in the time of Covid

    Recent events have forced businesses to modernize; adopting IaaS and PaaS services at an...

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    Security and governance too often seem like sticks. If you don't meet a requirement you are going to get beat over the head or...

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    Thinking Like a Security Minded Professional

    A few weeks ago, I sat for the CompTia Security + Exam. Studying was grueling,...

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    “We have to find a way to work together…”

    Those were the thoughts going through my mind and those of my new colleague, John...

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    What Series A Funding Means for OpsCompass

    Yesterday we announced OpsCompass’ Series A round of growth funding, led by ...

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    By Steve Faith On January 30, 2020

    Security vs. Compliance

    Security vs. Compliance

    Ok, let's start with the people that are very annoyed with the title. I know why, you're probably...

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    Agent-based or Agentless: Which Approach is Better?

    For years IT professionals have hotly debated the relative merits of...

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    Operationalization of the Cloud Adoption Framework

    OpsCompass was started because we saw a need for better Security and...

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    What does it mean to measure cloud compliance and governance?

    We introduced the concept of creating scoring against our...

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